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Real Estate

Real estate associations, agencies, and brokers are engaged in end customer service business and hence heavily depend on the communications with customers and among themselves, managing up-to-date information leveraging to their business advantage. Setu provided an end to end solution taking care of their present and future needs to manage the real estate domain information at their fingertips round the clock, whether they are in office or on the field. The solution institutionalizes the processes from searching a property till closing the deal involving many to many way communications between buyer, seller, realtor agent, attorneys and various agencies involved in fullfilling the real estate transaction.


An eMarketing company is enabled as premier provider of leading edge e-marketing and market intelligence solution with help of Setu's S2DLC™ solution. It included achieving the goal  to help its customers to improve marketing effectiveness of global marketers. The solution evolved as Evangeliser Methodology and is defined as the optimum set of activities required to convert information into actionable market intelligence. Its "Know - Contribute - Spread" method builds a very strong community base for Customer's products or services and navigates Customer into innovative future ahead of its competition.

The key features of the solution consists of Value Expression Driven Dashboards, Smart Evangelism Tracker, Policy driven Community Review and Reward management and Semantics Validator.


Telecommunication companies with fewer exchanges needs the technology and expertise necessary to manage the exchange infrastructure and costs with no additional staff. The key expectations includes keeping the exchange under control, regular monitoring the exchanges to avoid or reduce business losses throughout the time even when the staff is not available in the office.

Setu Provided a solution to such telecommunication companies a round-the-clock intelligent exchange management and surveillance solution that provides...

  • 24x7 Automated Surveillance
  • Customized Fault Management Detection, Notification, and Procedures
  • Intelligent analysis of critical and major switch alarms for events requiring urgent attention
  • Remote notification of staff via the web and text messages, only when necessary

SmartSourcer™, the strategic outsourcing solution

SmartSourcer™ armed with smart and innovative methodology, shows how effectively and efficiently a process can be transitioned to offshore and managed. It's core aim is not only to give its clients cost Benefits but also achieve increased Process Efficiencies through continuous innovations in technology.

The Solution has continuous innovations to achieve increased process efficiencies, modeling the process, improvement of the processes, metrics development, transition planning, build technology systems for the outsourced processes, transition and stabilization of the outsourced process.