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SETU has leveraged a decade of experience in building enterprise transaction systems into a very unique product called E-ValueFlow™. E-ValueFlow™ is a set of enterprise software tools that assist SETU consultants during client engagements.

E-ValueFlow Designor™

E-ValueFlow Designor™ enables the SETU consultants to model business value chains within the enterprise. The tool through its very user friendly interface provides the SETU consultants working very closely with the business analysts the ability to specify the value of a business enterprise by distinguishing between what is the business (core) and how to execute the business (operations) hence providing the business a road map to model formal unambiguous value chains across functions within the enterprise. Also, this pre-implementation formalism plays a important role in business decision making while building or buying automated IT solutions for each value chain.

E-ValueFlow DesignorPlus™

E-ValueFlow DesignorPlus™ extends the power of the E-ValueFlow Designor™ to provide a very robust high end transaction based automated solution framework for each business value chain resulting in a generated transaction system on .Net and J2EE platforms. The enterprise has the ability to execute the automated solution for chosen value chains using the E-ValueFlow™ Business Simulator Platform.

E-ValueFlow Monitor™

E-ValueFlow™ Monitor provides the enterprise the ability to monitor all the executing value chains for obtaining the business value. Also, all functionality to control the business value derived from the executing chains are provided through a very user friendly monitor console and a very good framework to build Performance Dashboards to monitor KPIs.