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The S2DLC™ Approach looks to provide solutions to two key business issues

Do the enterprise business processes provide maximum business value to a beneficiary ?
Do the business processes translate well to optimal technology solutions ?

Today, most organizations spend too much energy on processes not central to their core business. Also, while globalization and growth have contributed towards the corporate bottom line, it has introduced redundancy within the business processes making many existing processes as candidates for retirement or re-engineering. Senior management has no formal mechanism that assesses good business value of their processes and limits them in making decisions on new business initiatives with regard to retirement, re-engineering and introduction of business value.

The lack of a formal specification framework for the business processes leads to difficulty in assessing the value of business solutions offered by industry vendors and creates a problem in determining the return on investment for these solutions. Strategic out sourcing initiatives lack any control mechanism with regard to the expected value delivered from the vendor. Also, organizational conformance suffers with lack of clear ownership, goals, accountability while translating business processes to business solutions.

Business process frameworks within the organization that take a functional view of the enterprise limit the business in assessing value to the beneficiary or customer of the enterprise. Also, translating the functional view to business solutions leads to one business solution for every function per line of business forcing the organization to maintain very large infrastructure to conduct business.

The S2DLC™ Solution

An analytical approach to the entire organization leading to a formal business model
An analytical approach that translates the business model to optimal technology solutions

An analytical approach should examine everything that the organization does and holds nothing as a given while defining business processes. The organization can provide maximum business value only if the approach to defining their processes looks outside the organization, to its customers, partners and its suppliers. The analytical effort should lead to one great, efficient Enterprise Value Model (EVM) that reflects the enterprise value proposition. Optimal business solutions driven by business value can be derived by enabling the Enterprise Value Model.

The S2DLC™ method enables a formal methodology to design and document the Enterprise Value Model as sets of Business Value Chains (what is the business) and Operational Value Chains (how to execute the business).

The S2DLC™ method provides a clear, unambiguous visualization of the business enabling the enterprise to assess the business value of their processes.

The S2DLC™ method provides flexibility in the model to support current and emerging models of the business.

The S2DLC™ method provides simulations of the value chains which can drive the assessment of business needs and absorption mechanisms for business solutions including good technology solutions.