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Enterprise Services• Institutionalize Enterprise business processes (formal business capture frameworks)

• Dramatically reduce solution architecture thru implementation cycle time for enterprise applications software development

• Provide an elegant framework, consulting expertise and software tools to enable speedy point solution development and business validation of enterprise applications.

SETU consultants “bridge the gap” between the Operational world and the Technology world (B2T) and offer an elegant set of SMART™ solutions to help clients build very high end cost effective adaptable and configurable systems for the business.

SETU Business Specification Framework provides clients a framework to identify future business opportunities within the context of current and emerging business models.

SETU provides additional value to clients with regard to institutionalizing business processes.

Formal, unambiguous value chain model of the business provides client opportunity to build IP around vertical solutions.

Business Specification framework provides clients a formal mechanism for “Business QA” of systems under development hence providing business validation processes for outsourced IT projects

Our solutions facilitate process migration (knowledge) to outsourcing partners (BPO).